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We will commence classes in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) in June 2023. This will be the first phase of our 1000 / 10 initiative that seeks to train 1000 gemmologists throughout Africa over the next ten years.

With your financial support, we can reach students who are passionate about gemmology but lack the funds to study. Most experts agree that Africa represents the future of the gem industry. Therefore, a career in gemmology will not only improve lives both economically and professionally but it will also create a new generation of African gemmologists who will ultimately manage their own gem resources.

If you choose to sponsor a student, you will be able to follow their progress, share their experience and ultimately watch them fulfill their dream. Please help!

Career Gemmologist $ 10,000 (USD)

Coloured Gemstone Professional $ 8,000 (USD)

Diamond Professional $ 2,000 (USD)

All sponsorship donations are handled through PayPal. Upon payment, you will be redirected to our Sponsorship Confirmation page.

If you would prefer to pay using a bank wire transfer, please contact us at and we will contact you with payment details.