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Project Africa


The allure of gemstones can be very powerful indeed, not only capturing our imagination but also unleashing an unbridled passion that for some will last a lifetime. Throughout history, they have symbolized power and wealth, been prized for their beauty, and revered for their healing and magical powers. What is often overlooked is that these ‘wonders of the earth’ are invariably found in areas with the greatest poverty.

Project Africa is an initiative by the World Gem Foundation to make gemmological education accessible and affordable in the key producing areas of Africa.

Through the establishment of 'Centres of Excellence' and accredited World Gem Foundation laboratories, we will provide first class gemmological instruction and ensure traceability so that all gemstones can be traced back to their original source, making it more difficult for gems to be illegally exported and traded. We will also develop supply chains that are self-sustaining and ensure that those living in gem producing areas benefit economically from the mining and processing of these gemstones.

Project Africa will change the current dynamic by changing lives, not just today but for generations to come.


Our three diploma programs are available in three formats; Students can study through our residency program that includes theoretical online study, the six practical workshops (198 hours) and in class theoretical instruction (84 hours) (Format A), they can study the theroetical components online and attend the six practical workshops (198 hours) (Format B), or they can ‘PAY AS THEY GO’, by enrolling in the different theoretical and practical courses required to complete either the Coloured Gemstone Professional or Diamond Professional programs (Format C).

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