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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Project Africa award scholarships?

Yes. We offer our 'High Performance' scholarships that reward students who achieve an average mark of 80% or higher on their combined online, essay and practical examinations. To find out more, please click here

How long will it take me to graduate?

This depends on the format you choose and the amount of time you are able to commit to your studies. Graduation times can vary from 25 weeks to 2 years.

Tell me more about my instructors

The Project Africa Ethiopia programs are taught by Geoffrey Dominy (CEO & Founder of the World Gem Foundation) and Haimanot Sisay (Director of Operations for Project Africa). Geoff brings 43 years of experience in the gem and jewellery industry. He graduated in 1987 from the Gemmological Association and Gem Testing Laboratory of Great Britain (now known as Gem-A), passing his final examinations with distinction. He has been teaching gemmology for 36 years. He is the author of several books including the Handbook of Gemmology (English & Spanish), Webster's Gems (5th & 6th Editions) and is the inventor of ColourWise, a digital colour grading system. Haimanot is Ethiopian, and a qualified gemmologist, studying with both the World Gem Foundation (WGF) in Spain and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in Thailand. She is also an accomplished opal cutter. Students in Ethiopia are fortunate to not only have access to a wealth of gemmological knowledge but also to receive in-class instruction in Amharic.

Tell me more about your classes

We have a strict six students to one instructor ratio. This provides a unique and personal educational experience that is unmatched in the field of gemmological education. We also update all our courses every two years, providing our students with the latest information. With our 'Once a Student, Always a Student' program, all students receive lifetime access to their student page and all future course updates.

Why should I study with the World Gem Foundation?

We have the most comprehensive courses in the marketplace, seventeen gem academies around the world and students registered in over 80 countries.