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Marie-Hélène Corbin - Gem Academy of Canada / Gem Academy of Belgium


Marie-Hélène Corbin is the CEO and President of the School of Gemmology of Montreal (EGM), an FGA gemmologist and accredited Senior Gemmologist through the AGA.

Following a busy career in real estate, she wanted to change her professional path and became interested in gemmology. This discovery of gemstones turned into a passion. Marie-Hélène studied at the EGM and successfully passed her Gemmology Diploma. Guided by the desire to pass on her love for gems, she became the new Director of EGM in 2016, with a strong desire to modernize the school. As a teacher, she instills in her students the desire to learn more about the world of gemstones.

This passion for gems does not stop there, and Marie-Hélène created Quebec’s first independent gem identification laboratory, Lelièvre Laboratoire de Gemmologie (LLG) in 2018. In order to offer the most complete service to her clients, she created the Gems and Jewelry Appraisal Center in 2019, also in Montreal. These two centres allow a synergy with the EGM, with the starting of professional traineeships for students (starting in 2020), so as to facilitate their access into the job market.