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Jack Ghazalian

Jack Ghazalian started in the jewelry industry in 1980. He is a graduate gemologist through the Gemological Institute of America (1992), was an instructor for GIA (1993) and was officially Certified-by-the-State of California Education Code 94311(a) to teach Gemology & Jewelry Manufacturing-Arts (1993).

He is currently the owner of Isometric Gemological Appraisal Services in Southern California:, speaks five languages and is passionate about education.

His list of achievements include:

1. Honored by the International Distinguished Scholars, Academic Honor Society (2015).
2. Honored & Certified by the Honor Society based in Washington D.C.(2016).
3. Officially granted membership on July 27th of 2017 to the ‘Kappa Delta Pi’ and was awarded 'TEACHER OF HONOR'.
4. Honored by the San Diego Chamber of Commerce (2013) (Given a Certificate of Recognition).
5. An official member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
6. An official member of the National Space Society, which is affiliated with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).
7. An official member of the Planetary Society.
8. An official member of the Geological Society of America.
9. Certified Online Instructor (Online Teaching Certification).