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Coloured Gemstone Grading #1


Level Three - Coloured Gemstones or Equivalent


5 Days (30 Hours)

Topics Covered Include

This five-day workshop includes practical instruction on how to access the hue, tone and saturation of coloured gemstones using three popular colour grading systems (Gemological Institute of America, GemDialogue and World of Color) and how to grade pearls, jadeite and opals.

Coloured Gemstone Grading 1

Tests and Examinations


Course Credits

Program and
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Upon the successful completion of this course you will receive course credits towards both the Career Gemmologist Diploma and Coloured Gemstone Professional Diploma Programs.

This practical class is available through either the Spanish Gem Academy (SGA), the Dutch Gem Academy (DGA), the French-Swiss Gem Academy (FSGA), the Gem Academy of Canada (GAC), the Gem Academy of Belgium or the South American Gem Academy (SAGA).

Cost: $ 550 (USD) / € 500 / 450 GBP

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