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Theory Courses

The following chart includes information on all our theory courses including the number of lessons, the number of online tests, online tutoring hours included in the cost of the course, final examinations, course fees for both digital or print formats, and examination fees in U.S Dollars.

Overview of Courses

Course No. of Lessons Online Tests Online Tutoring Final Examination Digital Fee Printed Fee Examination Fees
Basic Gemmology 10 2 2 No 225 265 -
Advanced Gemmology 22 2 4 No 450 485 -
Gem Identification 12 1 2 No 250 285 -
Diamonds 8 1 2 No 250 285 -
Coloured Gemstones 30 5 5 No 550 625 -
Career Gemmology 78 12 14 Yes 1600 1795 280
Rubies, Sapphires & Emeralds 8 1 - No 105 135 -
Opals and Jade 2 1 - No 85 110 -
Organic Gems 5 1 - No 55 75 -

Practical Classes

Students wishing to complete the 'Career Gemmologist', 'Diamond Professional' or 'Coloured Gemstone Professional' program must complete all the practical requirements including where applicable the comprehensive online coloured gemstone grading course.

Our workshops are also available to students who wish to update or upgrade their existing skills or simply have an interest in this particular area of practical study.

Overview of Practical Workshops

Description Practical Workshop Course Cost
Diamond Grading 8 Days 2000
Coloured Gemstone Grading - 1 5 Days 550
Coloured Gemstone Grading - 2 Online 1150
Gemstone Identification - 1 5 Days 550
Gemstone Identification - 2 5 Days 550
Lab-Created & Treated Gems 5 Days 550

Examinations & Tests

Students taking the 'Career Gemmologist', 'Diamond Professional' or 'Coloured Gemstone Professional' programs are required to write a final written and practical examination in addition to the online tests.

Diploma Programs

For an overview of the 'Career Gemmologist' program, please click here

For an overview of the 'Diamond Professional' program, please click here

For an overview of the 'Coloured Gemstone Professional' program, please click here

Calendar of Practical Gemmology Workshops & Evening Classes

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Letters of Completion & Diplomas

Please click here to view samples of our letters of completion and our 'Career Gemmologist', 'Diamond Professional' and 'Coloured Gemstone Professional' diplomas.

Printed Course Notes & Shipping Costs

If you would prefer to receive printed course notes instead of digital access, please click here.

Students who purchase the printed course materials will also receive free digital access to the course.

Course Fees

Prices are in U.S Dollars