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Interested in Gemmology?

Undeniably the science of gemmology has undergone drastic changes in the last twenty years.

Today, gemmologists must not only contend with a host of newly developed lab-created gemstones but also a proliferation of enhancements and treatments. The detection of these man-made gemstones, treatments and enhancements relies heavily on a thorough understanding of the methods used to synthesize gemstones and the techniques used to alter their appearance. While access to a fully equipped laboratory provides the physical tools needed to identify these gemstones, knowledge and awareness are also of key importance.

The World Gem Foundation is a not-for-profit international organization that is dedicated to the preservation, promotion and study of gemmology through their comprehensive range of theoretical and practical gemmological courses and programs.

Whether you have a general interest in gemstones and gemmology, are an accomplished gemmologist wishing to upgrade your skills or a novice wishing to become a professional gemmologist, the World Gem Foundation has a full range of programs and courses custom tailored for you.

From our basic gemmology course that looks at the instruments used to identify gemstones and the scientific principles they are based upon to advanced gemmology that covers two of the most challenging and fluid areas of gemmology; lab-created gemstones and treatments and enhancements to the systematic identification of gemstones based on colour and transparency, to the intriguing world of diamonds and coloured gemstones, our courses are designed to not only give you the tools you need to work in this dynamic and diversified field but in a language that will help you to understand the many scientific disciplines it encompasses.

Available in print, as free standing e-courses and online, our courses offer tremendous flexibility, allowing students to study at their own pace and to ultimately work towards their 'Career Gemmologist', 'Diamond Professional' or Coloured Gemstone Professional' designations and a career in gemmology.

If you are interested in studying gemmology, visit one of our registered gem academies by clicking here for more information.

If you are interested in offering our programs through an existing school, college, university or gemmological organization or you would like to establish your own gem academy please click here

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